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Consider me your personal desk-side trainer to help with your most common Mac & PC applications and computer problems in the Tampa area.

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You can call or you can schedule online! I encourage my clients to keep a list, a useful tool that enables me to tackle a lot in the time scheduled.

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Working for You

  • Does using your computer fill you with dread?
  • Concerned about effective and secure online communications?
  • Confused about how to make social media work for you?

My Computer Angel provides warm, friendly computer mentoring and support in the comfort of your own home or office.

Let me be your personal coach – I’ll be at your side to help you overcome issues with common Mac and PC hardware and applications. I’m not a “computer geek” who pushes you aside and takes over. My Computer Angel is patient, experienced and truly finds joy in helping you learn.

With more than 25 years in education and over 15 years as a Computer Angel, working together you’ll quickly discover that computers can be your friend. Conquer the use of your Apple/Mac or PC. Become proficient in common software products and suites. Even learn to use support tools like WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and more.

Don’t let your computer scare you away.  Call on My Computer Angel today!

Gone Fishing! The Perils of Click-Bait

Surfing the web is looking more like a Hawaiian breaker with killer coral reefs than the tender rolling waves ready for playful body surfing. All those glorious little temptations on websites, like glimmering colorful fish, are what are called “click-bait.” Click, and you are hooked!

Have you got Storage Problems?

Your iPhone tell you that you are out of space? There’s a hidden place that holds your items deleted photos. Here are the steps to permanently clear your iPhone of those undesirable and random photos and make room for your next viral hit!

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