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  • Is your website outdated or unable to handle mobile?
  • Want to learn how to update the site you have?
  • Need a website or marketing materials?
  • Does using technology life fill you with dread?
  • Concerned about effective and secure online communications?
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What I Do...

Consider me your personal desk-side trainer to help with your most common Mac & PC applications, website, or computer problems in the Tampa area.

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You can call or you can schedule online! I encourage my clients to keep a list, a useful tool that enables me to tackle a lot in the time scheduled.

"Happy Clients"

Get a glimpse of what some of my satisfied Tampa & Orlando clients are saying about their Computer Angel. I know you are curious, click below to read more about how I have supported them!

Is Your Website Having Problems?

Things I can do to support your business if you are a website owner!

What many website owners are unaware of is the growing risk of having a website without proper maintenance and updates. Critical for websites are:

  • SSL Encryption certificates
  • Regular site scans for issues
  • Frequent backups
  • Updates to plugins (a site is vulnerable to hacking)
  • Security tools (like antivirus/malware)

On a daily basis, I get 60-100 or more notifications of hack attempts, bot-login attempts, and heavy traffic from areas around the world. I keep an active eye on it!

Trust me with your Website Development or Redesign.

My Computer Angel provides attentive and creative consideration of your goals and needs. I know websites. With over 20 years of design, usability awareness, implementation, maintenance, and backend management, I can advise, support, design, and navigate the internet of things.

Experience & Loyalty

With more than 25 years in education and over 20 years as a Computer Angel, working together you’ll quickly discover that technology can be manageable. Conquer the use of your Apple/Mac or PC. Become proficient in common software products and suites. Even learn to use support tools like WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and more.

Let me be your personal coach & Tech Guru

For Technology needs, My Computer Angel provides warm, friendly computer mentoring and support in the comfort of your own home or office.

Let me be your personal coach – I’ll be at your side to help you overcome issues with common Mac and PC hardware and applications. I’m not a “computer geek” who pushes you aside and takes over. My Computer Angel is patient, experienced, and truly finds joy in helping you learn.

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Let’s Work Together

Website Project!

I would love to support your website needs.I specialize in small business and personal websites, and can come up with a plan to bring your project to life. I take installments and work within your budget!

What you get?  I understand what makes a website “user friendly” having recognized this in the early 2000s, and translating it to teaching usability concepts and intuitive design in adult education!

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