“Happy Clients”

Kailyn of Kay Coastal (graphic design) & Evelyn Dufner (Web Designer & Owner of My Computer Angel)

I have many happy clients with recommendations that come from several resources (Freshbooks & Thumbtack reviews, as well as personal messages). Here are just a few!

Evelyn has demonstrated an outstanding ability to work on a variety of computer programs for me. She is computer smart and easily analyzed and resolved all of my programming/computer problems. I am a senior who failed to stay abreast of the technology, and needed a great deal of assistance, and patience to learn the new technology. She has exhibited all the best qualities of a teacher and does it with understanding and grace. I can no longer survive in this TECH world without being dependent on her. She is the TRUE computer angel.

Nick C. & Lea S. – Personal Client (since 2015)

Evelyn listens and provides easy to understand “step by step” guidance with tech issues. She will fix it for you or teach you how to fix it yourself. Her knowledgeable yet calm and patient approach makes all the difference.

Leilani P. (since 2007)
Resource Connection – Personal Client

Evelyn’s work is fabulous, and you can tell she really cares about the quality and listens to her clients. Would for sure refer Evelyn to a friend and colleague.

Jamie Dorn (since 2016)
Dorn Lane Realty – Personal Client

Evelyn is professional, friendly, and skilled at assisting you with technology and putting you at ease. She is the angel to call whether you need a little bit of knowledge or need to be rescued from a technological meltdown!

Monica V. (2015)
Wilbur Hotsprings – Personal Client

“Evelyn has resolved issues very efficiently for Classic Renovations with my Mac for several years. I depend on her expertise to keep me up to date and functioning. She provides excellent service.”

Shiela R (since 2003)
Classic Renovations  – Personal Client

“I have had such a hard time trying to find a good reliable tech to help me when I have computer issues, so when I discovered My Computer Angel, it was a big relief. She has always had the knowledge and experience to handle any issue and does it with patience and a great attitude. She listens to me rant and rave about my frustrations, then shows me what I am missing, so if possible, I can fix it myself the next time. She has been a great find for me and I highly recommend her.”

Michael VH – Personal Client (since 2003)

“Evelyn is truly an angel!! Can’t praise her enough! A born teacher! She helped me with many things that had me so frustrated & was so patient while walking me through each step! She wrote down each step so I could also practice later until I can do them automatically on my own. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable and very likable instantly. It was true luck when I found her!”
Joan C – Thumbtack Review 2016

“Evelyn was very knowledgable and a sweet person. She was on time and answered all my questions at the time and the ones she didn’t she is researching for me. I had some questions that were not the usual. I would hire her again.”
Donna O Thumbtack Review 2016

What would I do without my computer angel!? From the start of my business to the addition of another employee and a travel laptop, she’s been a whiz at keeping my computer network humming along at top performance. Savvy. Responsive. Quick. Plus, she’s got great ideas of how to make my digital life simpler and better. Thanks, Evelyn!”
J. MacKay (since 2004)
JM Communications, Inc.

“I believe in Angels. I have had numerous companies work on my computers but have never been satisfied. Since the ‘Computer Angel’ has been involved with my company [my website has] never had any down time. The best computer decision I have made was to hire Evelyn to do maintenance on a monthly schedule. My efficiency has improved and my frustration level has decreased. Thank you, Evelyn!”
M. Barry (since 2007)
Millennium Systems Design, Inc

“I have enjoyed knowing Evelyn for several years. She has always been helpful, knowledgeable, punctual and pleasant. She has never been condescending (to those of us who are not techies) and I recommend her highly!!!”
Julie D. (Client since 2003)

“Without ‘My Computer Angel’ Webskinz.com would not be a company! Thank you, Evelyn!!!!”
Gary Dufner – 2011