Web Design | Maintenance Rates

Web Design projects are quoted based on the needs of the client, the timeline needed, and the depth and breadth of the project overall. Please contact me for a free consultation to better assess your budget, needs, and project goals. I will provide you with an estimate and proposal of work.

In order to best facilitate completion of a successful project please download the form provided to provide me information on your project. (Coming Soon)

WEBSITE UPDATES:  Do you have to wait long periods of time to get your website updates posted? WEBSITE updates, page modifications, graphic design work, menu, and content updates are billed at $60/hr (by the quarter-hour) Currently, I have a 48 hour turnaround on content and image updates. With just a phone call or email chat, we can determine what is needed and how much time I anticipate needing to complete the work.
** If you are a maintenance client I charge $45/hr for website updates

  • Graphic design
  • Blog posting
  • Featured image creation
  • (New) Site revisions and changes
  • (Current) Page revision/ development
  • Content revisions and updates

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT:  The needs of a website are diverse and varied, and may require different levels of care, design, tools, and graphic work. A full discussion of a website plan must occur before an estimate can be provided. However, here are the general guidelines of estimations I use.


  • Home page (1) internal page (1) and/or Blog (1) require a minimum of 14 hours for structural development on a new site before all other work begins.
  • All additional internal pages/Landing pages are at 4 hours minimum each.
  • Estimations do NOT include costs for plugins, subscriptions to services, special features/design elements, expanded menu needs, content development & research, or graphic design of images used (other than original design development).
  • This does not include time for changes of content and structure after design layouts have been approved, and content implemented. Drastic changes to agreed design will be billed at $75/hr
  • All sites require a deposit to begin work.

MAINTENANCE PLANS: ** Simple maintenance plans ($45- 65/month) that focus entirely on ensuring your website is properly maintained and backed up.  This includes: (*advanced plans)

  • Safe updates (backed up)
  • Daily/weekly or monthly backup plans
  • Plugin /WordPress Updates (critical)
  • General malware/security checks
  • Monthly report that lets you know what has been done each month and anything I have bumped into during the process.


  • Analytics Reports 
  • Broken Link Checks 
  • Keyword Reports 
  • Uptime Monitoring 
  • Performance Checks

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE RETAINER: If you would like to keep a retainer for emergency services, or quicker responses in addition to monthly maintenance, (1) One hour of work will be available for updates for an additional $45/month. This also provides a client immediate emergency response to issues such as security breeches, site restoration, and labor related to resolving server-side , domain, and website administration issues.

MAINTENANCE RATES:  Costs below are monthly. Discounts for Annual 10% | Quarterly 5%

  • $45 – Basic website needs for an “identity” site you don’t usually update. You handle the annual updates to your domain & hosting.
  • $55 – Management needs * for an active site where you are hosting forms, a blog, and minimal client engagement. You need me to handle the annual updates to your domain & hosting.
  • $65 – Advanced Management Needs * for an active site where you are handling e-commerce, customer forms, a blog, and ongoing client engagement. Monthly updates include: All areas mentioned & those with an asterisk *. You need me to handle the annual updates to your domain & hosting and SSL certificate.

MULTI-SITE NEEDS: If you have multiple sites, I can do a packaged deal, reducing the monthly costs by discounting each additional site and servicing them together.

UPDATES:  If you don’t need help, I am sharing my tips and best practices for SELF-MAINTENANCE!

Please see full contract terms (modified for viewing on website)