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Web Design Services

Web Design projects are quoted based on the needs of the client, the timeline needed, and the depth and breadth of the project overall. Please contact me for a free consultation to better assess your budget, needs, and project goals. I will provide you with an estimate and proposal of work.

In order to best facilitate the completion of a successful project please use my intake form.

WEBSITE UPDATES:  Do you have to wait long periods of time to get your website updates posted? WEBSITE updates, page modifications, graphic design work, menu, and content updates are billed at $70/hr (by the quarter-hour)  With just a phone call or email chat, we can determine what is needed and how much time I anticipate needing to complete the work.
** If you are a maintenance client I charge $45/hr for website updates

  • Graphic design
  • Blog posting
  • Featured image creation
  • (New) Site revisions and changes
  • (Current) Page revision/ development
  • Content revisions and updates

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT:  The needs of a website are diverse and varied, and may require different levels of care, design, tools, and graphic work. A full discussion of a website plan must occur before an estimate can be provided. However, here are the general guidelines of estimations I use.


  • Home page (1) internal page (1) and/or Blog (1) require a minimum of 14 hours for structural development on a new site before all other work begins.
  • All additional internal pages/Landing pages are at 4 hours minimum each.
  • Estimations do NOT include costs for plugins, subscriptions to services, special features/design elements, expanded menu needs, content development & research, or graphic design of images used (other than original design development).
  • This does not include time for changes of content and structure after design layouts have been approved, and content implemented. Drastic changes to agreed design will be billed at $75/hr
  • All sites require a deposit to begin work.

Please see full contract terms (modified for viewing on website)

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Website Maintenance

Have a website already?

Have we completed a site and you want to take good care of it?

Let me support your business or website brand with a maintenance plan.