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Support Links

Services I Use and Trust

First, I trust all these services. Full disclosure, the links below are “affiliate links” that flag your click as coming from me, and therefore, they often offer great sales or discounts, while also rewarding me with either a few dollars off my own renewals with them, or other benefits.

Hosting | Website Homes

SiteGround – they have proven to work swimmingly fast and well with my Divi Developed websites. I have appreciated the integrated tools that they do not upsell but rather package in. I feel confident that they are taking care of their servers!

    Useful Accounting  | Finance Tools

    • Freshbooks – [Billing Software] my client accounts tool – and a great way to bill for projects – I am going on nearly 15 years with them, and if you call with specific needs they will customize their package to your needs
    • CoPilot – [Personal Acounting Software] I recently discovered this as a tool that handles what MINT does for me as well as my old QUICKEN that no longer supported my business work on Mac. So far, their tools have been stellar! 

      Useful Cloud  |  Meetings

      • SugarSync – my favorite online backup service (paid) and file handling
      • Dropbox – free versions and useful for cloud backup of important files
      • Zoom – useful for tutoring sessions and remote support on your computer

          Accessibility Support:

          Your Accessible Life: [non-affilaite link]  This site and the consultant, Gloria Lepik-Corrigan is a personal friend and a powerhouse for helping individuals navigate the challenges of managing growing “Less-Abilities.”

          Practical, Personalized Support for Living Well with a New or Worsening “less”-ability (Disability)

          The rest of these references are not affiliate links and a resource for clients

          Maintenance/Security Tools

          I always say to use cleaning tools with caution. CcCleaner & Onyx dig deeper than most clients may feel comfortable with, however, I’ve valued these over the years and depend on them for consistent and time-efficient cleanup tools!

          PC Related

          • CcCleaner (PC) – favorite tool for advanced cleaning (but tools for the newbie)
          • Avira – (Free version) Identified as one of the better antivirus for keeping your system safe
          • Bitdefender -(Free version) Another strong tool for internet safety. Offers less free features.

          Mac Related

          • OnyX for Mac – my maintenance tool for the mac
          • ClamXav – Antivirus for Mac – for scanning of malicious-ware (Free for 30 days – also offers antivirus monitoring tools)
          • Thor Antivirus – Really reliable tool for scanning (or if needed, a full time antivirus/Malware tool for Mac)

            Security Watchdog Tools

            Here are some tools I have used to keep track of what my information is doing on the web (and if I have fallen into any yucky places that may use my info to hack or spoof.

            • Have I Been Pwned? Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach, and sign up for notifications if your email address ever shows up on an identified list.

              MISC Problem Links for Angel Reference: