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Support Links

Useful consultant-to-client tools

  • SugarSync – my favorite online backup service (paid) and file handling
  • Dropbox – free versions and useful for cloud backup of important files
  • Freshbooks – my client accounts tool – and a great way to bill for projects
  • Zoom – useful for tutoring sessions and remote support on your computer

Security Watchdog Tools

Here are some tools I have used to keep track of what my information is doing on the web (and if I have fallen into any yucky places that may use my info to hack or spoof.

  • Have I Been Pwned? Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach, and sign up for notifications if your email address ever shows up on an identified list.

Accessibility Support:

Your Accessible Life: Practical, Personalized Support for Living Well with a New or Worsening “less”-ability (Disability)

MISC Problem Links for Angel Reference:

Maintenance/Security Tools

I always say to use cleaning tools with caution. CcCleaner & Onyx dig deeper than most clients may feel comfortable with, however, I’ve valued these over the years and depend on them for consistent and time-efficient cleanup tools!

PC Related

  • CcCleaner (PC) – favorite tool for advanced cleaning (but tools for the newbie)
  • Avira – (Free version) Identified as one of the better antivirus for keeping your system safe
  • Bitdefender -(Free version) Another strong tool for internet safety. Offers less free features.
  • Avast Antivirus -(Free version) for scanning and preventing malicious-ware

Mac Related

  • OnyX for Mac – my maintenance tool for the mac
  • ClamXav – Antivirus for Mac – for scanning of malicious-ware (Free for 30 days – also offers antivirus monitoring tools)
  • Thor Antivirus – Really reliable tool for scanning (or if needed, a full time antivirus/Malware tool for Mac)