Things I can do to support your business if you are a website owner!

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What many website owners are unaware of is the growing risk of having a website without proper maintenance and updates. A site lacking an SSL Encryption certificate, a site not regularly scanned for issues, whose plugins are out of date (and likely more vulnerable to hacking), and minimal or no use of tools for security is a ticking time bomb for losses. On a daily basis, I get 60-100 or more notifications of hack attempts, bot-login attempts, and heavy traffic from areas around the world unrelated to my business or that of my clients. Sometimes the number of notifications is for EACH site I keep an active eye on! My inbox is very busy.  I am here to help mitigate that traffic with tools to ensure the health and management of your website.


Simple maintenance plans ($45- 65/month) that focus entirely on ensuring your website is properly maintained and backed up.  This includes: (*advanced plans)

Websites Developed


  • Safe updates (backed up)
  • Daily/weekly or monthly backup plans
  • Plugin /WordPress Updates (critical)
  • General malware/security checks
  • Reduced price updates to your sites
  • Monthly report that lets you know what has been done each month and anything I have bumped into during the process.



  • Analytics Reports *
  • Broken Link Checks *
  • Keyword Reports *
  • Uptime Monitoring *
  • Performance Checks*

Multi-site discounts are available


Basic Website Needs

General Maintenance for an “identity” site you don’t usually update. You handle the annual updates to your domain & hosting. Includes the Basic Maintenance tasks.


Management Needs

Maintenance for an engaging site where you are hosting forms, a blog, yet minimal client engagement. You need me to handle the annual updates to your domain & hosting. *


Advanced Needs

Advanced maintenance for an active site where you are handling e-commerce, forms, a blog, and frequent client engagement. I handle annual updates to your domain, hosting, and SSL certificates. *


If you have multiple sites, I can do a packaged deal, reducing the monthly costs by discounting each additional site and servicing them together.


Do you have to wait long periods of time to get your website updates posted? Currently, I have a 48-hour turnaround on content and image updates. If your site needs updates, I charge by the quarter-hour @ $60/hr. With just a phone call or email chat, we can determine what is needed and how much time I anticipate needing to complete the work.   * If you are a maintenance client I charge $45/hr


If you feel this is the perfect time for a revamp, please, let’s talk! We can start fresh and build you something delightful! If you don’t need help, I am sharing my tips for SELF-MAINTENANCE!

Website Tasks

  • Graphic design
  • Blog posting
  • Featured image creation
  • (New) Site revisions and changes
  • (Current) Page revision/ development
  • Content revisions and updates
  • New page creations
  • Product updates
My Computer Angel’s History:

My Computer Angel was a subsidiary of Webskinz, an Orlando-based web design company, and served the community as a consulting and technology firm from 2002-2010. Since 2011, My Computer Angel has been independently operated by Evelyn Dufner. Evelyn has provided technology education, training, and support for over 25 years.  She has vast experience with both home users and businesses and can provide references for her experience as a trainer and consultant.